Mooring Rental Agreement

You agree to accept the following mooring rental conditions by paying the relevant mooring rental fees.

In consideration of the appropriate payment of, I hereby accept the allocated mooring number for the eight-month period 1st April to the 30th November of the current year.

I acknowledge and accept that I have no entitlement to a renewal of the particular mooring allocated to me for the eight-month period stated above.

I acknowledge and agree that all moorings are the subject of annual allocation.

I confirm that I have read and accepted the following conditions governing the use and enjoyment of the mooring and the harbour facilities.

  1. I accept that no liability shall attach to Mayo County Council or Moy Estuary Sea Trout Angling & Boat Club or its Officers or Members, in respect of damage to mine or third party craft or property or persons arising from my use of the mooring, the harbour facilities, club safety boats, engines or any club equipment.
  2. I undertake to vacate the mooring by the 30th November of the current year and understand that there is no entitlement to a renewal of the particular mooring allocated to me on this occasion or at any time in the future.
  3. I undertake not to sub-let, assign, transfer or lease the allocated mooring and I accept that failure to comply with this requirement will result in forfeiture of the said mooring.
  4. I confirm that I have familiarised myself with the Ballina Harbour Bye Laws 2013 and agree to be so bound in my use of the mooring and the harbour facilities with the articles contained therein. (Copy is available from the club secretary on request)
  5. I also confirm that I have been advised by Moy Estuary Sea Trout and Angling Club to have my boat covered by a suitable policy of insurance to cover damage to my boat and public liability, and I undertake to do so.
  6. I undertake to inform the Mooring Manager (Club Secretary) of any abnormal wear and tear, major damage or significant interference with the allocated mooring or the safety boats.
  7. I understand that all mooring zones are designated as “NO WAKE ZONE” and that I will operate my vessel in accordance with this requirement.
  8. I acknowledge I can only use the Quay and Jetty for set down purposes, provisioning and essential repairs etc., and undertake not to moor on same.
  9. I accept to loan back to the Mooring Manager (Club Secretary) an allocated mooring in the event I cannot genuinely use it during this season and that should I not do so, I may lose that allocation with immediate effect.

Safety boats will be removed not later than the 2nd last Sunday in October.

Non-Members do not have the use of the Safety Boats.  They will not be informed of any club activity and they will not be entitled to attend club meetings or vote at the AGM.

Non-compliance with Mooring Rules or Club Rules may result in the applicant being unsuccessful in subsequent mooring applications.

I confirm that I have read, understand and accept all of the above by virtue of paying the relevant mooring rental fees.